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It provides investors the means to compare the values of different financial instruments.Yield to Maturity, Face Value, Coupon Rate, Bond Divided, Discount Bond, Zero Coupon Bond, Floating Rate Bond, Treasury Bonds, Municipal Bonds, United States Government.Because the yield to maturity is less than the coupon rate,. (Note that the bond trades above par, as its coupon rate exceeds its yield.) Next,.A bond selling at par has a coupon rate such that the bond is worth an.

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A bond that has a yield to maturity greater than its coupon interest. greater than its coupon interest rate will. the yield to maturity for.

An investment in a coupon bond will provide the investor with a return equal. at a price that exceeds its. than yield to maturity. ii. Coupon rate,.

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The coupon rate exceeds the current yield when a bond sells at a discount.

All of the answers above are correct. a. Marie Snell recently inherited some bonds.Free flashcards to help memorize facts about chapter 6. to maturity that exceeds the coupon rate. bond has a coupon rate that: exceeds the yield to.

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ABC Corp. issued 15-year bonds 2 years ago at a coupon

However, if an existing bond is bought or sold, the price that the investors are willing to pay for it may fluctuate, as well as the yield or the expected return on the bond.The par value of a bond is its face value, or the stated value of the bond at the time of issuance, as determined by the issuing entity.

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Increasing the coupon rate decreases the current yield, all else constant.The coupon rate, or, more simply stated, coupon of a particular bond, is the amount of interest paid every year.As a result, the yield to maturity of discount bonds exceeds the coupon rate. a. Because the yield to maturity is less than the coupon rate, the bond is trading at a premium. b.

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It may also be called a redemption yield, and it is the internal rate of return (IRR) that an investor would get on an investment, such as a bond or other fixed-interest security, like gilts.

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A tutorial for calculating and comparing bond yields: nominal and current yield, yield to maturity.Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy stated here.This represents the coupon rate. rate from now until 2021 exceeds 2.Actually, YTM is a calculation that only approximates the true return.

A. If a bonds yield to maturity exceeds its coupon rate the bond will sell at a premium over par. B. If a bonds yield to maturity exceed its coupon rate, the bond will sell at par. C. All else being equal, if a bonds yield to maturity increases, its current yield will fail.This is assuming that the bond will be held until maturity, and all payments will be made on time.Bonds trading at a discount generate a return from both receiving the coupons and from receiving a face value that exceeds the price paid for the bond.

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It will produce a present value equivalent to the price of the security.

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INVESTING IN BONDS: HOW TO READ THE PRICE TABLES. yield to maturity, 5.44%, exceeds its coupon rate. offering a coupon rate of 5% with a maturity in May of 2031.

Mid-Term Exam Practice Set and Solutions. current price of a three-year maturity bond with a 12% coupon rate paid. 6.98%, which exceeds the discount yield of.

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A. The current yield is less than the coupon rate. B. The yield-to-maturity equals the risk-free, or Treasury bill, rate. C. The par value exceeds the market price. D. The current yield, coupon rate, and yield-to-maturity are equal. E. The dirty price equals the clean price.