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Limit one coupon per purchase on specified product(s), size(s) and quantity stated.So if a coupons states Limit one per purchase per customer this is combining the terms one per purchase and one per customer.It offers a free item or a specific amount off the purchase price of one or more products.Get Sears coupons, Best Buy coupons, and enjoy great savings with a Nordstrom promo code.We reserve the right to limit rain check quantities based on product.

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The picture can be considered a tool but is not what you want to base your purchase on.Most stores require manufacturer coupons to have a barcode and an expiration date in order to be valid.Rules for Combining Coupons. In my neighborhood there is a limit of 20 coupons per transaction,.Discount code - Limit to 1 time per. rather than having to manually discount products one. does this allow each customer 3 uses of the coupon or does this mean.The easiest way to think about this combined wording is that you must satisfy BOTH parts as if they were separately stated.

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We do not address this in our explanation of how to read coupons, but if you look in the consumer fine print it, most coupons will tell you that you may not reproduce.

PER PURCHASE PER CUSTOMER, PER PURCHASE PER PERSON, PER PURCHASE PER HOUSEHOLD, OR PER PURCHASE PER TRANSACTION: When two of the above per terms are combined all meanings should be applied.The doubling part that some stores do is usually not reimbursed by the manufacturer anyway.Costco question - item limits. one time i was. the coupons.If one has to buy more than. or only if the customer is older than a specified age.

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Some find that their local dollar stores may sell them for much cheaper.

Others will hold special dates where they may double or triple certain coupon values.

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EXPIRATION DATE: This lets you know how much time the manufacturer or store is giving you to use your coupon.This is one of the key sections in learning how to read coupons.Your peers are going to respond better when you brag about that fabulous savings trip while using the coupons properly.You will only receive one GapCash coupon per purchase. at Gap stores and online during the specified.When teaching people how to read coupons, I really tell people to just forget about the picture.

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Additional transactions in a row in order to use more coupons, however, are not always welcomed by the stores.

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Many of their coupons have a limit on how many you can buy and.This is a very important part in knowing how to read coupons.

The main focus in learning how to read coupons is knowing what each part represents.Note that some manufacturer coupons will have paid advertisements promotions on them but are still able to be used at other stores.

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It may be coded incorrectly or it may be a code that covers a larger grouping of items than what the wording allows.Groupon may also refuse to process a purchase, may cancel a purchase, or may limit quantities.